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Stuck for food ideas? You’ve come to the right place! There are hundreds of great ideas here. Many people have said that they find my supper ideas inspirational. 


My Easy Suppers look and taste fantastic. They are ultra-affordable and easy to prepare. That's why I call them 'Easy'.

My name's Nick Davies, and I've cooked hundreds of suppers since 2015, despite my having the significant physical hurdles caused by my MS disability. By cooking suppers that look so good, and taste fantastic, I have proved that any able-bodied person can do the same. I hope that’s you! Tens of thousands of people love what I've cooked!


So what's so different about me? I've cooked everything in a small, ordinary kitchen (no flash, glitzy 'TV' kitchen for me); When I cooked these over several years, I was unable to stand unaided (thanks to MS) so I had to perch on a high stool to cook; I am no spring chicken (born 1955); I live on my own (so nobody to help me). You can see what I look like, and read about me, here. The point is....... if I can do it, I'm sure you can too. I often make my suppers from reduced price items in the supermarket, so my suppers are very affordable too. And I never waste anything either, like perfectly good food that's left over. It's pointless. You may as well throw your money straight in the bin.

Why do I call my evening meals suppers? Because everyone needs to eat every day! It's all too easy to be stuck for ideas. Supper, by the way, is what I call an evening meal. It's a bit of an old-fashioned word, but I like it!

This website contains pictures of many of my suppers. To see my daily posts as they go live, have a look on my Facebook page and 'like' it. They should then appear in your newsfeed. This website is often updated, so bookmark it and keep checking back to see what's new.

Everything on this website, including the website itself, is made by me. No designers or food makeover artists have been used for anything; my food or my website. It's all totally home-made, with no professional help, apart from the logo, which a designer friend created, using my photos.Even the blue background is the sky from outside my front door, shot from my mobile phone!


And forget a lot of fuss preparing; chopping, peeling, mixing, and expensive gadgets. I don't have the ability or time for any of that. Just whack the fresh ingredients in the frying pan, saucepan, oven, or microwave, and you will have a fantastic meal in less than half an hour.

I have tens of thousands of fans on Facebook, who love my suppers. For a selection of their comments, click here.

When you're stuck for a food idea, just have a look round this website, and you'll quickly get inspiration.

If you want to know how My Easy Suppers started, click here to read all about it.

I hope you enjoy everything you see here.

Bon Appetit!