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It's always increasing.  As of July 2019, I have around 27,000 fans on Facebook.

About me


My name is Nick Davies and I live in a small market town in Wiltshire, in the south of England.


I've loved food since my early 20s. That was a long time ago, since I was born in 1955! I've always enjoyed cooking, and have had various businesses in the food-related industry, including a restaurant. I’ve been lucky to have eaten food cooked by some of the best chefs in the world, in both hemispheres. I have learnt  a huge amount about cooking, and am happy to be able to share my knowledge with you, here on My Easy Suppers.


My Easy Suppers are always easy, tasty, fresh, and affordable. They are what I've cooked for myself every evening. I want to enjoy what I cook!

Despite having MS (Multiple Sclerosis) when I started My Easy Suppers in June 2015, and the mobility difficulties that come with it, I still cooked, and published photos of my suppers. This wasn't easy, as I had to perch on a high stool to cook, and just walking a few paces with my crutches, was a challenge. I'm not looking for a sympathy vote by telling you this, but I'm telling you to show that if someone with my physical disability can produce tasty and good-looking suppers like this every evening, as well as being an older, single man, living on his own with nobody to help me, so can you!


These days, my MS has got a lot worse, and even  I can't do it anymore, as I'm now in a wheelchair. But for almost 3 years,  before that, I did it, and these are the photos you see here. 


This website is not about MS. It's about good, easy food.  The fact I cook it despite the huge obstacles created by having MS shows how easy it can be for any able-bodied person to easily cook such lovely food every day. It's not difficult!


I have always been very careful with what I spend, and I cook in a small, very ordinary, kitchen. I don’t create my suppers in a position of being able to buy anything I want regardless of cost. I don’t. I have to be very careful with my spending, and to buy the very best food deals possible. Just like you! I know a lot of other people (maybe you too?) also find it difficult to make ends meet on the money front. My Easy Suppers proves that imaginative, creative, tasty meals can be produced affordably. All you need is a little imagination. I hope this website will give you inspiration when you're stuck. Or even if you're not stuck, and want some fresh ideas.


Thanks for visiting my website. 


Nick Davies, creator of