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This is your chance to get one of my Easy recipes every day for 48 days for only 99p in total. They are normally sold £4.99 each per book of 24 recipes. That's a whopping saving of 90%, as you're getting the equivalent of 2 books' worth of recipes.

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Get a huge 25% discount off everything in my new online shop when it goes live. This will normally only be available to members of The Easy Suppers Club. There will be loads of original products to choose from, all based on food photos I've created. 


Stretched canvasses, posters and lots more. All original. They'll enhance any room,

The Club everyone's been waiting for. Daily recipes, member's discounts, an online community.

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SearchersHiders will probably become a national craze before long, cause so many people will be looking for the treasure!

How it will work is that a physical object will be hidden at random dates in a postcode district. The Royal Mail splits the UK into almost 3,000 postcode districts. A postcode district is  the 1st two to four characters of your postcode before the pave. There will be one Hider per postcode district.


The Hider will hide the object, and make up a cryptic clue that hints where it is. The Searchers get the clue, the date and time period it will be at the location, and try to find the object. If you are a Searcher, and find it, you get to keep it. There's only one object per postcode district, so Searchers need to focus!

To launch the Easy Suppers Club, I need to raise money, mostly to spend on social media marketing to recruit members. You can help me do this by being part of my new crowdfunding campaign.