You don't need much to create your own Easy Suppers. All my dishes are for one person, but just multiply the quantities if  you're cooking for 2 or more people. It's easy! :-) 


The big stuff


1 Cooker with oven

1 Microwave (mostly for heating plates)


Pots, pans and utensils


1 Chopping board

1 Frying pan

1 Metal spatula

1 Oven glove

1 Oven metal tray

1 Ovenproof dish

1 Plastic colander

1 Plate (without metal decoration, so it can be microwaved)

1 Saucepan

1 Sharp knife (or two)

For use when cooking


Olive oil


Black peppercorns in a grinder


Store cupboard (none is essential, but good to have handy)


Dried herbs - rosemary and/or mixed herbs

Hoi Sin sauce

Lazy garlic (pre-minced garlic in a jar)

Lazy ginger, lazy chili

Soy sauce

Sweet chili sauce

Teriyaki sauce

Vegetable stock cubes

Chicken & fruit (Su1265)
Thai Chicken (Su1281)
Sirloin steak & saccettini (Su1271)
Magret de canard (Su1275)