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​The idea of patrons is centuries old. We wouldn’t have the Mona Lisa if Leonardo da Vinci hadn’t had a patron. Of course, My Easy Suppers does not pretend to be in this league! It’s a food project where I post a new supper idea on my Facebook page every day. I have a chronic physical  disability (MS), and, by doing this, I show people that they, too, can also produce interesting, tasty, fresh, food, even though they didn’t think they could.

My MS disability makes me totally different to all the other cooks out there on the internet. Nobody can replicate my profile. I cannot be copied by any good cook, unless they want to develop MS, which seems highly unlikely. 

I often say that if I can do it, as a disabled geriatric living on his own, then anyone can! I prove it’s possible.

My Easy Suppers is helping tens of thousands of people, both able-bodied and disabled (like me!).

Read some excerpts from the reviews on my Facebook page. Not one of the reviews on the page is less than 5-stars. People love what I do!

My Easy Suppers now has so many fans on Facebook, and it has always been FREE. I want to keep it this way! I need to devote all my time into running it all, and creating new ideas constantly.  I want to have my website redesigned, and activate all my other social media accounts in the My Easy Suppers name on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, and I need to devote all my time into running it all, and creating new ideas constantly.  This all costs money. I can only do this with your support, by your becoming a Friend, or Patron. I can then reach many more tens of thousands more people, and help them improve their cooking lives.

You can become a Friend or Patron in either of 2 ways, both shown below The left one will be run by Indiegogo, and the right one by Patreon.


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