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The Royal Mail splits the UK into about 3,000 postcode districts. That's the 1st two to four characters of your postcode. For example, if your postcode is  AB34 1YZ, then your postcode district is AB34. Or if your full postcode A1 1YZ, then the postcode district is A1.


Here is a list of treasures suggestions for you. In practice, the treasure could be anything relevant to your business, so this list is by no means exhaustive. The variety of treasures you can select is almost limitless, and you should make the treasure relevant ot your business so that as many Searchers as possible get to hear about you.


An Item of:



Luxury chocolate

Luxury food


Tickets to a:



Family day out



Specific treasures:

Car service

Case of wine

Designer Handbag

Designer shoes

Discount voucher 

Holiday for 2

Meal for 2

Mobile phone

Mobile phone minutes 



Night in a good hotel

Spa day

Wall art

Hider 7
Hider 7

Hider 3
Hider 3

Hider 8
Hider 8

Hider 7
Hider 7


Anyone, business or personal, can register and apply to become a Hider. You’ll get fantastic publicity in your area to relevant Searchers by becoming a Hider. All you need do is:

1.    Register here for free.

2.    SearchersHiders will contact you before your postcode district is due to go live to invite you enter the selection process.

3.    It is likely that there will be a number of businesses per postcode district applying to be Hiders, but there will only be one Hider selected per district at any one time. You will then be asked to enter the short selection process, which will include submitting your business name and contact details, and the treasure name and value, which must be over £20. A higher value of treasure will give your business a better chance of being selected as the coveted Hider for your district and date. You can see a list of suggested treasures on this page. But these are only suggestions. It’s up to you to choose a treasure that you think suits your business best.

4.    It is probable that SearchersHiders will operate in districts several times a year, maybe once a month, so if your initial application is unsuccessful, you can apply again in the next round. Selection of the Hider will be at the sole discretion of SearchersHiders.

5.    A sponsorship fee is payable once you’ve been through the very short selection process and agreed to be selected. The fee will be announced at the start of the selection process.

6.    You sign a binding agreement with SearchersHiders whereby you undertake never to reveal the treasure’s location to anyone else. SearchersHiders and it employees will make the same undertaking.

7.    Once selected, and the date agreed, you hide a printed note in an envelope somewhere in your postcode district that tells the Searcher where they can find the treasure.

8.    You pass SearchersHiders a clue that Searchers can use to find the treasure. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but enough to give the Searchers an idea. For instance,  it could be a simple as ‘in a bus stop near a church in a market town beginning with M’. Or ‘in an old oak tree in a wood beginning with S.’

9.    SearchersHiders will then email all the Searchers in the relevant postcode district telling them the search is on, saying that your business (and naming it) has donated a treasure, and giving Searchers a phone number to ring to get the clue.