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Seach woman jungle
Seach woman jungle

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Phone black + moile

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Seach woman jungle


Anyone can be a searcher. All you have to do is register by clicking one of the yellow boxes above.


Registered Searchers will be notified by email when a treasure is hidden in your postcode district.


You will be given a phone number to ring that gives you a clue how to find it. Then it's up to you to go searching and have a lot of fun trying to find the treasure.


If you're the first to find it, it's yours to keep.  It's free to register, and the phone call has a small cost, just like on a TV quiz show.

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The Royal Mail splits the UK into about 3,000 postcode districts. That's the 1st two to four characters of your postcode. For example, if your postcode is  AB34 1YZ, then your postcode district is AB34. Or if your full postcode A1 1YZ, then the postcode district is A1.

SearchersHiders is likely to become a national craze with thousands of people seeing who can be first to find the treasure in their postcode district.. Just one treasure will be hidden on a random date in a particular postcode district. Registered Searchers will be notified by email when a prize is hidden in your postcode district.

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Here is a list of treasures suggested to Hiders.


As the chosen Hiders are likely to be businesses, the treasure could be anything relevant to their business, So this list is by no means exhaustive. and will certainly grow a lot. The variety of treasures that will be hidden is almost limitless. There will only be one treasure per postcode district at a given time, and Searchers will be notified in advance by email what the treasure is in their postcode district, so Searchers can choose if they want to go out searching for that particular treasure.


NB: Just because something is on this list, please don't automatically assume that it will be available as a treasure. These are example only of what might be hidden. The actual treasure choice will be entirely down to the Hider. When you register as a Searcher and your postcode district goes live, you will be notified by email what the treasure is, when it goes live, at the same time as being told the phone number two ring to get the clue as to the treasure's location.

An Item of:



Luxury chocolate

Luxury food


Tickets to a:



Family day out


Specific treasures:

Car service

Case of wine

Designer Handbag

Designer shoes

Discount voucher 

Holiday for 2

Meal for 2

Mobile phone

Mobile phone minutes 



Night in a good hotel

Spa day

Wall art

Hider 6
Hider 6

Hider 3
Hider 3

Hider 8
Hider 8

Hider 6
Hider 6


Anyone, business or personal, can register and apply to become a Hider. 

Click here to find out everything you need to register and apply to be a Hider. It won't take you long! And it's free to register.