How My Easy Suppers started

It all started when I occasionally took photos of my supper on my mobile, and uploaded it to my personal Facebook page. Irregularly, and maybe once a month, or less often. People started liking what I did.


For me, creating the food was simple. I always wanted it to taste and look good, and my mobile was on hand to take a photo. So I cooked my supper and sometimes took a photo. I wasn’t doing it for anyone else. The photo was just for fun. To my surprise, people loved my photos. Lots of my personal friends started liking them.


The more I posted my photos, the more people liked them. So I carried on.


Let me put it into context for you; my personal friends are a very wide range of types of person, spanning almost the entire rainbow of society, and many of them are very good amateur cooks, and have been cooking great meals for decades. A couple are even professional chefs!


Several months later, a significant proportion of my friends were still liking my photos, most of the times I posted them.


I was fascinated and intrigued. So I asked some of them why they had 'liked' them.


The most frequent answer was that they thought my food photos were ‘inspirational’ because they often found it so difficult to think up different, tasty, and easy to prepare, meals. My photos gave them ideas that they had never dreamed of!


So then I created the dedicated My Easy Suppers Facebook page, and thousands (literally) of people became fans in a short space of time. My fans are a very active bunch of lovely people, often commenting about how much they like my suppers. You can see just some, of their lovely comments if you click here.


My suppers offer ideas of what you can cook for for yourself on your own and/or your date, family or flatmates. If I can do it, as a single disabled man aged 61 (too old - help!), against very big odds, of course you can!


People love the stimulus that my supper photos give them.  They say they give them ideas, and they love them. The people who like my food could be completely novice cooks, or people who have been cooking for decades. I suspect you, too, can get fed up trying to think of what to cook tonight, and for it to be as effortless (and as cheap) as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking for yourself, for two, or for a family or friends. Food is such a fundamental part of everyone’s life that it becomes a chore that many people dread. 


But I’m going to change that for you, and I hope My Easy Suppers will make it much easier for you. My Easy Suppers will  probably give you some inspiring new ideas without breaking the bank or being complicated..


So please visit My Easy Suppers on Facebook and like it. Then you'll get nightly updates on what I've cooked in your newsfeed.


And don't forget to sign up to my newsletter here so I can keep you informed with all my latest news. And I promise you, there will be plenty of it. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.


Have a load of fun, and I hope my supper photos will give you some great ideas.

Chicken & fruit (Su1265)
Thai Chicken (Su1281)
Sirloin steak & saccettini (Su1271)
Plaice & crevettes (Su1256)
Scallops & crevettes (Su1257)
Magret de canard (Su1275)
Beef burgers  (Su1246)